MF 888




Ceramic Dome
This filter removes germs, rust fluid, and dregs. It is the latest trend in water purification made from natural materials through the burning at a very high temperature. Water gets thru multi-hole stoma up to 0.2 micron or 1/200 that of a human hair so that germs cannot pass thru and any polluted matters can be washed away. It guards against Amoeba, Bilharzias, Cholera, Typhoid, etc.

Rotary Filter

Silver Activated Carbon
This filter removes organic substances and other cancer-causing chemical substances. It is made of coconuts after processing with the use of high temperature and can absorb the farming chemical ingredients and the T.H.M. (organic compounds) which cause cancer.
Coral Sand
It gives off essential minerals for our health.
Silica Sand
Removes acidic components of water to help bring about pH balance
Mineral Sand
These stage of filtration process releases many of the minerals, which are badly needed by our bodies. It enables the system to convert the water into mild alkaline, which allows us to restore the PH levels of our body fluids.

Mineral Stones
Gushes Oxygen minerals. An old mysterious medicine which contains about 20 different kinds of inorganic elements used to increase the mineral ingredients and freshness it is a “must” for our body. The water is neutralized as mild alkaline and tastes like the spring water coming out from between the rocks deep in the mountain.

Magnetized Faucet
Formulates water molecules and increases the magnetic force. As the water passes through magnetism and the molecular formation is stabilized, it becomes loaded with a magnetic force that is likely to be lost. When the magnetic force is increased, the water will become healthy drinking water that prevents us from the adult diseases caused by a lack of magnetism and will change our skin to a more resilient one.

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