Megafresh Air Purifier POWER 5


Air purifier best suited for health care. Perfect Air Cleaning System. Aromatheraphy System. Deodorization by Carbon Filter.

Categroy: Air Purifier


Model: Power 5


  • The revolutionary system with these combined technologies
  • Advanced, professional-quality filtration
  • Negative Ion Generator
  • Ozone-free operation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compact design
  • Automated operation or remote control
  • Automatic electricity shutdown (Timer)

High Efficiency 5-step Filtration System:

  1. Pre-Filter.  Removing large dusts, pollen, pet hair, smoke and so on
  1.  Anti-Bacteria Filter.  Removing small dusts, smell, bacteria, harmful matters
  1. Deodorizing Filter.  Removing smoke, wasted gas from car, VOC’s, smaller particles of dusts and so on
  1. Anti-Allergen Filter.  Removing the Pollen Allergy and Inactivation Allergy Breaks (allergen from .J. tick)
  1. Nano HEPA Filter.  Removing fine dust (High Efficiency Particulate Air) 99.98% of purification efficiency
  1. Clean ion Generator
  2. Dust Sensor
  3. Anti-Bacteria Fan
  4. Aroma System


  • Air purifier best suited for health care!
    • Ozone (0′) free
    • Negative Ion Generator (2 millions/cc/sec)
    • Aromatheraphy System (Optional)
  • Perfect Air Cleaning System
    • Nano HEPA Filter System (99.98% of dust collection rate @ 0.1 micron)
    • (Clean Air Delivery Rate) CADR=232.8 cfm
    • Recommended Room Size: 40 m
    • Deodorization by Carbon Filter


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