Manual Multimedia – Resin


Manual Head
Manual backwash operation
Indoor and outdoor use

Pressure Vessel
Made with Fiberglass Reinforced (High-Density Plastic)
Diameter 10”
Height 54”

Inclusive of:
Tube and Strainer
High-grade Cation resin beads
Brine Tank and Float Valve
Industrial Salt (Regeneration)

Cation resin beads attract excess calcium and magnesium in water which causes hardness in the water
Converts hard water into soft water. Ideal to removes the scaling of household appliances, water heaters, sink, and pipelines. Also reduce the electrical consumption of shower heaters, kettles and coffee makers.
Softens clothes and fabrics

Ideal for bath softens skin and hair for all day long.

Flow Rate: 8-10 Gallon Per Minute

Categroy: Multimedia


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