Alpha + (FA-4)


1st Stage: (A-59-Ceramic 0.9 Micron) – removes sand, silt, dirt, and rust particles as small as 0.9 micron in sizes.

2nd Stage: (FA Resin) – Softens the water and removes excess minerals.

3rd Stage: (FA GAC) – Granular Activated Carbon efficiently removes chlorine, foul taste, odor, trihalomethanes (THM), and other hazardous chemicals. It has Nano Silver Fiber (AG) that eliminates bacterial growth at 99.99% efficiency.

4th Stage: (C-50-KAS-AG) 0.1 Micron Ceramic Cartridge + KDF + Nano Silver Fiber (AG) polishing filter to enhance the quality of water for a crisp and refreshing taste.

NOTE: Filter lifespan may depend on its actual water condition and usage.

Categroy: Water Purifier


Model FA-4
Stage 1 A-59-Ceramic (0.9µ)
Stage 2 FA-Resin
Stage 3 FA-GAC
Stage 4 C-50-KAS-AG
Flow Rate 2 L/min
Maximum Pressure 60 psi
Dimension (H x W x L) 17.0″ x 18.5″ x 5.0″
Weight 6.37 kg
Temperature 10°C to 45°C



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