Importance of Proper Hydration to Our Body
27 December 2019
Did you know that water makes up 60% of the human body? With water making up most of our body…
How to Determine Water Quality
20 December 2019
To most of us, drinking water is almost an instinct that doesn’t require much thinking. But is the water that…
Featured Product: Healthy PH Products
13 December 2019
Aside from water filters and multimedia purifiers, another set of water filtering products are our Healthy PH products. Megafresh offers…
All About Waterborne Contaminants
6 December 2019
Clear water doesn’t always mean it’s safe. There are some waterborne contaminants that may be invisible to the naked eye…
Featured Product: Digital Multimedia Filters
29 November 2019
Megafresh offers a wide variety of water filters for your home or business. One of our offerings is the multimedia…
Benefits of Healthy pH Water
22 November 2019
Various health claims are linked to Alkaline water, such as slowing the aging process, regulating your body’s pH level, and…
Spotting the Difference: Filtered and Purified Water
15 November 2019
All water brands promote their product to be the best commercial water undergoing a special series of water filtration processes.…
Understanding Water Alkalinity
8 November 2019
Becoming one of the popular health trends, there is a big chance you might have heard about alkaline water. Coming…
How Filtered Water Can Improve Our Health
28 October 2019
Part of having a healthy human body is to have the proper hydration. Much is said about the importance of…

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