importance of proper hydration

Importance of Proper Hydration to Our Body

Did you know that water makes up 60% of the human body?

With water making up most of our body and in fact, 70% of our total cell mass, water is probably the most essential element to sustain life. Water plays an important role in making our body function accordingly, as it is the one responsible for transporting nutrients all throughout our body and helps flush out toxins out of our bodies.

Below, we’ve listed down a few more reasons on why you should always keep your body hydrated:

Water supplies oxygen throughout our body

The blood which is responsible for carrying out oxygen throughout our body is made up of more than 80% of water. With this, our bodies are susceptible to lower blood volume when we experience dehydration.

Water helps in attaining soft and supple skin

If you want to avoid dry skin and wrinkles at an early age, drink plenty of water. It helps moisturize and keep our skin elastic to attain soft and supple skin.

Water cleanses our body

Water is essential for our kidneys to do its work. It helps filter waste from the blood and flushes it out from our body. Insufficient intake of water can lead to diseases such as Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), while extreme dehydration can lead to the formation of kidney stones and even kidney failure.

Water can help you lose weight

Drinking water before each meal promotes the sense of being “full”. This helps prevent excessive eating and can aid in weight loss.

Apart from keeping your body hydrated, it is essential to only take in safe and clean drinking water.

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