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How to Determine Water Quality

To most of us, drinking water is almost an instinct that doesn’t require much thinking. But is the water that you’re drinking safe? What if the water you’re drinking is actually contaminated?

Here comes the importance of water quality. We are able to safely drink water because the water that we drink goes through measures to ensure its water quality.

Water quality is most commonly defined as “the chemical, physical, and biological characteristics of water, usually in respect to its suitability for the designated use.” Each use of water whether for recreation, drinking, agriculture, has different standards to support its use, and drinking water is expected to have higher standards compared to those used for industrial means.

Determining Water Quality

Scientists make use of a variety of properties to determine water quality and these include temperature, acidity (pH), dissolved solids (specific conductance), particulate matter (turbidity), dissolved oxygen, hardness, and suspended sediment. All of these are important and reveal a different aspect of water’s health. A single measurement of the quality does not hold for much as compared to monitoring changes over time.

Water temperature

This is important for fish and aquatic plants as this can affect the level of oxygen and the ability of organisms to resist certain pollutants.

Acidity (pH)

Measuring the pH means getting the number of hydrogen ions (H+) present in a substance such as water. This is crucial in allowing us to see if the substance is acidic, neutral, or basic.

Dissolved oxygen

Even if the portion of oxygen dissolved in the water is small – about ten oxygen molecules per million molecules of water, this is needed by fish and microscopic organisms to survive.


Turbidity is used to describe the water being either cloudy or opaque or in other words, water clarity. It is known as the amount of particulate matter there is suspended in water. These matters include either clay, silt, plankton, or other microscopic organisms.  

Specific Conductance

Specific conductance refers to measuring the capacity of water to conduct an electric current, and this can depend on the number of dissolved solids like salt, found in water.


This refers to the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in water. This can determine the “hardness” of water and this may vary in different areas.

Suspended Sediment

This is the amount of soil floating in the water. The amount of this depends partly on the speed at which the water flows. Fast flowing water can pick up, hold, and suspend more water than calm water.

Getting your water filtered

Getting the right water filter is important in ensuring you are getting the water that is of the right quality. Different kinds of filters take away various impurities so it’s important to make sure you know what you want from your water, whether if you are concerned about possible health risks, or maybe you just don’t want any tastes or odors.

It is important to pick a water filter that is made of the quality and that is up to the quality and standards you desire. You can find your trusted water filtration systems with MegaFresh, the most widely used and purchased water filter brand, distributing in over 150 outlets nationwide. MegaFresh strives to provide nothing but the highest quality products for every Filipino household.

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