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Featured Product: Digital Multimedia Filters

Megafresh offers a wide variety of water filters for your home or business. One of our offerings is the multimedia filters. Multimedia filtration is one of the most common types. It contains multi-layers of media and is progressive sizes in coarseness and layer depth.

These media layers are usually stacked progressively with the coarsest and densest media, typically, gravel is at the bottom and the lighter or finer media are on top.

Here are the various digital multimedia filters of MegaFresh:

Digital Multimedia – Carbon

This multimedia has a digital display of in-service and auto digital backwash operation. It also has a day and time setting option and a safety electrical adaptor. The set is inclusive of a tube and strainer as well as a high-grade granular activated carbon filter. One unique feature of this set is that it’s 100% coconut shell based granular carbon filter and is also ideal for removal of chlorine, foul taste, odors, colors, and some contaminants in the water. Aside from improving the taste and making the water more refreshing, this type of multimedia filter also retains minerals in the water that are essential to our body’s needs.

Digital Multimedia – Resin

Megafresh’s digital multimedia with resin has a digital display and backwash operation. Its pressure vessel is made with fiberglass reinforced (high-density plastic) and the set already includes tube and strainer, high-grade cation resin beads, brine tank and float valve, and industrial salt for regeneration. The cation resin beads attract excess calcium and magnesium that usually causes hardness in the water. This type of multimedia filter is ideal for preventing the scaling of household appliances, water heaters, sink, and pipelines. Plus, this can also soften clothes and fabrics. Resin digital multimedia filters are also ideal for a bath as it softens skin and hair for 24 hours.

Digital Multimedia – Sand

Just like carbon digital multimedia, this water filter also has a service and backwash operation. The pressure vessel is made with fiberglass reinforced and the sets include a tube, strainer, and sand filter. The sand media filter is designed for the removal of some suspended solid particles in the water such as rust, sand, soil, sediments, silt, and molds. The flow rate is 8-10 gallons per minute and the ideal pressure for this filter type is 40-50 psi.

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