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Spotting the Difference: Filtered and Purified Water

All water brands promote their product to be the best commercial water undergoing a special series of water filtration processes. It is easy to believe, with all these technical stuff we often don’t understand. But is it really something we must ignore? Practically, no. If you are part of the 90% who are stranger to this, then it is indicative to read through.

Practically, there isn’t a lot to decipher about the difference between a filtered and purified water. If you try to look into two different set of water, filtered and purified water, could you distinguish which is which? Hard it is, but as mentioned there isn’t really much to differentiate but of course, these two also have key differences.

Basically both filtered and purified water offer extensive health rewards and can get rid of water impurities. How they differ, is how they are done.

Filtered Water

Water Filtration processes typically eliminate protozoa and bacteria but can’t get rid of viruses present in the water – viruses are too small for this system to guard off. 

The water filter uses two techniques to remove impurities. For far-flung areas, the process is sometimes done through a sieve or for more-developed places, most of the time, treated in a lab.

Water filtration systems are specially designed to remove impurities and works with the tap water coming out of your faucets. It often uses activated carbon that prevents unwanted, microscopic contaminants to enter our potable water. To elaborate further, here is a summary of the benefits of filtered water:

  • It contains good-for-the-body minerals such as calcium, zinc, and magnesium. These minerals are retained when water is filtered.
  • It is free from contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, mercury, lead, and arsenic.
  • It has reduced chlorine and other chemicals present tap waters.
  • It is clinically and commercially proven to be better-tasting and smell.
  • No impurities and bacteria present.
  • It is beneficial for your overall health and body protector from diseases.

Purified Water

The definition is simple: a product of water purification. Water purification eliminates the concentration of contaminants such as parasites, bacteria, algae, fungi, and viruses.

Basically, it is the same as filtered water but the only thing is that some purified water systems use chemicals such as iodine and chlorine in the process, rather than eliminating them. Also, some water purification system process removes helpful minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

According to, “The impurity load of dissolved solids in purified water cannot exceed 10 parts-per-million, and water that meets this threshold is inherent of a higher purity than spring water, tap water, or filtered water”.

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