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Debunking Myths about Water Purifiers

The Philippines is a country that is rich in myths and folklores. They are supposed to be fun children’s stories. But when myths start getting in the way of you getting the best water purifier for your home, it has to stop.

In this blog, we’re going to debunk the common myths about water purifiers.

1st Myth: Boiled Water Is Good Enough

Yes. Boiling the water will get rid of water-borne bacteria and viruses but it does not do anything for the chlorine content, cysts, nor the turbidity, organic, and inorganic impurities. And just because your water boiled up and your kettle whistled it doesn’t mean all the viruses are dead, it has to boil for 20 minutes to effectively kill those disease-causing microorganisms. You should also note that once left in an open container to cool down, you are also leaving it prone to re-contamination.

2nd Myth: Latest Technology like Reverse Osmosis is the Best Option

This is another false claim! A lot of people choose Reverse Osmosis water purifiers thinking that RO is the best and latest technology. When in fact, there’s a number of water conditions that differ per location and there’s no one-stop-shop technology that can adapt and purify water accordingly.

Another bad result of using RO when it is not needed is “demineralized water”. It has a low mineral content and/or it lacks essential minerals, making it unideal drinking water.

This leads us to our last myth:

3rd Myth: All Water Purifiers Remove Essential Minerals

Actually, essential minerals are only lost when you use incorrect water purification techniques. Like in our 2nd myth, when you use RO where the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is below 200ppm, the resulting water will be distilled which most of the natural minerals are gone.

It is of prime importance to use the right technology for water purification to ensure that essential minerals will be retained in the water. Check the wide array of quality water purifiers from Megafresh.

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