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If you really think about it, water’s marvelous cycle sustains everything. From the ocean that homes thousands of marine species, water evaporates towards the sky to form clouds that provide us rain, and those raindrops water our plants and fill our man-made dams where we get our resources.  But, oceans now are not as pure as before, so it is possible that despite multiple processes before reaching our faucets at home, water can still be unsafe to drink or use.

So one more process in this whole cycle wouldn’t hurt, right? Yes. I am talking about filtration.

MegaFresh offers an array of water filter products that will ensure that your water is potable and safe to use.

A 59 ALK

The A59 ALK can completely remove dust, rust, contaminants, and other particles as small as 0.9 microns. Its Bio-ceramic balls combined with natural alkaline beads that emit natural minerals that enrich calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. It also balances the pH level of water, giving it a crisp and refreshing taste.

D 250 GBS Alk

The F 250 GBS comprises of high-grade and premium activated carbon. It effectively removes chlorine, odor, foul-tase, and other organic contaminants with the use of premium food-grade calcium sulfite. Similar to the A 59 ALK, it also has Bio-ceramic balls combined with natural alkaline beads, but the D 250 GBS ALK is also equipped with Nano Silver Fiber (AG) that eliminates bacteria at 99.99% efficiency.

FA Cotton

FA Cotton is a cost-effective way of reducing the contamination risks of drinking water. This FA Cotton’s purpose is the primary stage of filtration to remove suspended solid particles present in the water.


D 250 Resin uses ion exchange to separate, purify, and decontaminate.  It effectively softens the water and removes excess minerals and limestone. An ion-exchange resin acts as a medium for

UV Light 35 Watts

From the name, UV Light 35 Watts, this water filter uses Ultra Violet Light to ensure that our drinking water is safe. Ultra Violet Light effectively eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses, and waterborne causing diseases by attacking them at their genetic core. The UV Light alters their DNA and removes their ability to reproduce.

Using a quality water filter is important to ensure that the people you care about are drinking safe water. If you want to see the full list of Megafresh water filters. Head on to our PRODUCTS PAGE now!

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