common types of water filters

The 5 Common Types of Water Filter

Most of us might think that water filters are just the same. But, in reality, there are various types of filters that we can choose from and are available in the market to keep our water clean and safe to drink.

Here are the five most common types of water filters:

Activated Carbon Filters

Generally known as the carbon filters or pre-filters, this type of filter is the one that is responsible for removing the larger particles like sediment and silt from your water. Active carbon filters work by attracting and absorbing the particles to make sure that they will not come out from the water in your faucet. This type of filter also ensures lesser odor and better taste as in reduces the amount of chlorine and other contaminants that can turn your water otherwise.

Reverse Osmosis

The filter that is most popular right now in the market is the Reverse Osmosis or RO. It can remove all types of contaminants that can be a health hazard and can also make sure that the water will be clear and odorless.

Alkaline/Water Ionizers

This kind of water filters undergoes a process called electrolysis. This means that the water will be passed over plates that are electrically charged and is separated into two streams – one is alkaline and the other one is acidic. Alkaline and water ionizers can lessen the acidity of the water which is great for your skin.

UV Filters

Being one of the newest technologies in the market, UV filters suggests a different take on filtering the water – through ultraviolet radiation. The UV rays will be used to treat the water and also destroy bacteria that can also be a health risk. This kind of filter is also environment-friendly as it doesn’t need any chemical of additional energy source in order to work.

Infrared Filters

Just like the Alkaline filters, this type also helps on softening your water, hence, if you live in an area with hard water, this technology could help. Infrared filters use heat and light to negatively charge the water and provide it with a softer feel.

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