how do water filters work

How do water filters work?

There is this famous saying that water equals life. It is pretty much self-explanatory since a person cannot survive long without water. It is hard to believe but two-thirds of a person’s body is water (H2O). Even the bones, which are physically solid, contain about 25 percent water. Hence, there is a reason why, on average, a person must consume 8-10 glasses of water a day. This is probably the most essential nutrient that the body must have to keep it healthy and active. However, random seawater or faucet water is not enough for one’s good health. It is important for it to be clean, and pure. That’s why many people nowadays are allotting a huge amount of their money to buy their own water filters. But how does water filter actually works? Is it really a necessity? Well, let us help you have an in-depth look and understanding about them below.

Basically, water filters help remove dirt and harmful impurities from water. Since all of the world’s water constantly circulates through the environment (Water Cycle), where one minute it’s rushing through a river and then after a while it’s drifting high in a cloud, and suddenly it is already in use on your toilet bathroom. Water’s ability is very constant and tedious as it picks up and combines everything that it travels through. And when it comes to drinking water, it is important for you to know that the water that you are about to drink is clean and is free from chemicals and dirt. This is where water filters come in as they make sure to strain and cuts the dirty layers that the water has absorbed. 

Physical Filtration

There are two (2) common techniques of water filtration. The first one is physical filtration, it is a type of filtration that uses physical means or sieves in order to remove large impurities or dirt in the water. Most water filters are equipped with thin gauze or fine textile membrane which sorts away all of the unnecessary elements in the water. It keeps it fresh and edible to drink.

Chemical Filtration

On the other hand, chemical filtration involves the passing of water through an active material and removes impurities chemically as they pass through. Most household filters are equipped with charcoal which has activated carbon granules that are packed with nooks and crannies. This help attracts and traps chemical impurities through a process called adsorption. There are more chemically-induced substances that help filter water. Another technique is ion exchange. How do they work? Ion exchange filters are made from lots of zeolite beads containing sodium ions. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium compounds and, when you pour it into an ion-exchange filter, these compounds split apart to form magnesium and calcium ions. The filter beads find magnesium and calcium ions more attractive than sodium, so they trap the incoming magnesium and calcium ions and release their own sodium ions to replace them. Without the magnesium and calcium ions, the water tastes softer and (to many people) more pleasant.

Having filtered and healthy water is important for every home. It establishes a safe lifestyle for every household member of the family. Without a trusted filtration system, contamination and germs are inevitable and can pose possible illnesses. That is why Megafresh International Corporated and it’s high-quality and effective water filters hope to provide clean water, for a better living. As the country’s top-selling brand in water filtration, our products are carefully structured with multi-layered filtration for reliable results.

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