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Unlike selfies, #NOFilter is not safe to use for drinking water.

Health is indeed wealth, and no one should take the risk of gulping thousands of toxins that tap water may contain. As former DOH secretary, Enrique Ona has said in his interview with Rappler, “Clear water is not necessarily safe to drink.”

Due to the undeniable truth that Metro Manila and other parts of the Philippines are stricken with water pollution, most households have stopped drinking tap water and opted to buy water from refilling stations.

Aside from the fact that these water containers are made of hard plastic, meaning, patronizing these refilling stations also contributes to the toxic wastes in the environment.

Though these refilled water underwent a filtering process, ergo are safe to drink, there is still the risk for contamination as there are a lot of factors that are often overlooked, such as:

  • Compliance to DOH requirements in terms of training of personnel
  • Proper cleaning and handling of tanks and containers
  • And, of course, the regular changing of water filters.

That is not a very comforting image, right?

Especially if you are a parent who wants the best for your family or an entrepreneur that has people depending on you for their living.

That is why installing your homes and businesses with quality filtration and purification system is the best way to ensure that everyone is using clean and safe water whilst helping in reducing plastic pollution.

Megafresh is the leading water filtration brand in the Philippines. Through the use of premium quality materials and technology-driven systems, Megafresh became and continues to be a trusted brand by households and leading companies in the country since 1992. (See our satisfied clients HERE.) If you also want to live the #FILTERED life and be at ease knowing that your family and your business is using safe water, contact us for orders and inquiries at (632) 632-0607 or email us at

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